Tropical Heat Paralyzed the Bratislava Stock Exchange Last Week

23.07.2007, 07:57

Activity on the Bratislava Stock Exchange corresponded to last week's tropical temperatures. During most of the week trading stagnated with only a minimum of trading activity. Slovakia's official SAX share index weakened at the start of last week from the opening level of 419.71 points by 0.72 points. On Tuesday, the SAX lost additional 1.42 points and that was all for its movements for the week. It remained at the level of 417.57 points until the week ended and that was at the level at which SAX closed weekly trading.
Similarly, most of the SAX base issues stagnated. Only two of them posted a week-on-week change of the closing price and in both cases the price ended lower. Pharmaceutical maker Biotika More was the one to post more visible losses when it slipped 7.37 percent over the week to SKK 352. The closing price of the power engineering company SES Tlmace lost 1.45 percent to SKK 611. The closing prices of the other SAX base titles did not change and thus crude oil refiner Slovnaft closed at SKK 3800, VUB at SKK 3700, and OTP Banka Slovensko at SKK 360.
Turnover on the BCPB last week reached SKK 1.623 billion of which SKK 8.496 million was in share trading. Anonymous transactions accounted for SKK 7.515 million. A week ago turnover was SKK 5.139 billion with anonymous transactions making up SKK 3.934 million. Share trading amounted to SKK 3.375 million.

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